Torque Converter Banjo for sale

March 7th, 2014

MVC-519F MVC-517F MVC-516F MVC-515F MVC-514F MVC-513F

5 String open back banjo made by Chris Dean .  This is number 002.  Pot is made from a GM torque converter from the ’50’s.  Made like the ones Jenes Cottrell made years ago.  Walnut neck with inlay made from knitting needles and slides for refrigerator bottoms.  It’s new, made for last month’s State Folk Festival at Glenville, WV.  I’m not an active player anymore, so I want to sell it.  I have  2 other banjos as it is.  New Heavy padded TKL case.  Price $1200.00  MADE BY AN ALLEGHENY ECHOES STUDENT, WENT TO ANOTHER ALLEGHENY ECHOES STUDENT.   WILL SEE IT NEXT YEAR IN A BANJO CLASS AT AE.  IT WASN’T SOLD, IT WAS BOUGHT.  KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK C.W.DEAN.









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