Regraduated Strad Model Violin made in Czechoslovakia

July 18th, 2020

Full 4/4 size, red/brown varnish, top regraduated in May,2020, Great volume and killer deep tone, great for bluegrass or traditional music. Pro set up with good bridge, Prim strings with ebony tailpiece with four fine tuners. Price 900.00

“Fiddlin'” Mike Humphreys Model Fiddle

July 17th, 2020

Full 4/4 size fiddle: Straight-grain spruce top, flamed maple neck, ribs and one-piece back: mid-upper section of back has a marking that looks like a baroque violin bow: Pro set up with good bridge & strings, great volume & tone. One of the six I named after WV Fiddlers .  Label reads “Fiddlin’ Mike Humphreys Model”. Price 800.00

Glenn Smith Model Violin

July 17th, 2020

Full 4/4 size, Nice straight-grain spruce top, highly flamed neck, ribs and one-piece back. Great tone & volume, pro set up with bridge & strings. One of 6 I bought and set up and named after West Virginia fiddlers. Label read: Glen Smith Model…Fiddles on the Elk River. Price 700.00

Hayslett Cello Bow:

April 30th, 2020

Cello bow made by the late Violin Society of America Gold Medal Award Winning luthier, Harold M. Hayslett. Octagonal pernambuco stick, ebony frog- fully Silver mounted w/abalone center Parisian eye in silver circle, button is 3-section silver & ebony w/MOP eye. Grip is leather and silver wire. In as new condition – this was Harold’s personal bow (as he was a novice cello player), . Fully haired, and stick is free of warpage. 28 11/16″ in overall length, weight is 84.3 grams. Stick is stamped H.M.Hayslett on both sides under frog, W.VA is stamped on stick top behind frog.  Bow was purchased from the family and is, to my knowledge the only Hayslett cello bow left, and for sale.Price: $1,500.00

Gibson Pre-war RB00 5 string banjo:

March 30th, 2016

MVC-003FMVC-001FMVC-004FMVC-005FMVC-006FMVC-007FMVC-008FMVC-002FPre-war Gibson RB00 5 string banjo for sale. All original: Offset Grover geared tuners (4) with Grover friction 5th string peg. RB00 banjos were made only between 1935 through 1942. This one has no ser # or factory order #. This one was made between 1935 – 1937. According to Charlezfishbanjo historian – his website states that serial numbers were stamped on back of peghead only between 1938 – 1940. This one has flat hooks (used between 1935 – 1937, round hooks were used on later models. Excellent condition throughout, with some wear on back of neck in 1st position and some small scratches on resonator. Fingerboard has 4 dot inlays. Flange is nickel plated, tailpiece (Grover Patent), armrest and tension hoop are chrome plated. I found 2 online In excellent condition that sold for 4,000.00 and 4,500.00. Peghead is black enamel with white “Gibson” logo. Neck is straight, has adjustable truss rod, great sound and low action. Used hard case (not Gibson). Price $3,250.00 If you ‘d like to see and play it, call me at 304-543-2171 or email me at john.blisard@frontier.com

Kay Bass for Sale:

March 4th, 2016

MVC-893FMVC-895FMVC-893F MVC-896FKay Bass for sale: Model C1 serial # 23276 made in 1950 according to Kaybass.com  Great setup, straight bridge, nylon strings, low action, great volume and tone.  Body is free of cracks.  Being a laminate model, some of the veneer on top and back has chipped away (very small pieces) as prev owner didn’t have or use a case.  Neck heel has possible hairline crack on left and right side, nothing in middle.  They could be scratches.  Neck is very stable.  Plays like butter.  Price $2,200.00


October 29th, 2013

Fiddles on the Elk River: John Blisard, Proprietor, with over 40 years experience.

All instruments are professionally set up, with good bridges and strings.

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